April 2012

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April 2012

    We returned to the Philippines March 23rd - April 12th to do some planned work at the Children's home we partner with. During this trip Imelda, her father and I, the kids at the home and a few extra helpers worked to do much needed updates to the children's rooms. The beds were very very old and in bad shape. The window screens were old and had holes in them and the paint was peeling off the walls. First we started by scraping all of the old paint off the walls of all 6 bedrooms. This was quite a chore and a big mess but we worked together and got all six rooms scraped, primed and painted.. The kids picked out what color they wanted in each room and their rooms were painted to their liking. Next, all of the window and door screens were replaced with all new materials. New frames were built and all the screens were replaced with new higher quality screen material. We had 30 windows and 6 doors that had to have the screens replaced. We removed all of the old mattresses, painted all of the metal bed frames and repaired some of the wooden frames. 17 new mattresses were purchased along with new pillows, bed sheets and pillow cases. The kids were so happy to have their newly updated rooms. Alot of hard work went into what was accomplished and alot more work is planned for next year.

   While work continued at the Children's home we took a couple of days off and had an outreach in a neighboring town. This is an area we return to every trip. With the help of volunteers we were able to give out 200 backpacks, feed 300+ children a nutritious meal and give out school supplies and toys. It's such a blessing to be able to provide the kids with some basic necessities and such a joy to see how happy they are when they receive them.

   Our next project for the home is to tear out the worn out kitchen and install new cabinets, counters, flooring and provide them with a full sized oven and refrigerator. We also hope to have the funds to be able to remodel all 3 bathrooms with new tile, toilets and fixtures. Estimated cost for next years project is $2200 for the kitchen cabinets, floor and appliances and $1200 for each of the three bathrooms and $500 for outreach supplies and $400 for additional labor Totaling $6700.

   Thank you to all who donated funds, supplies and hard work to this years projects. It is all truly making a big difference in the children's day to day lives. We are looking forward and already planning next years trip!

God Bless!

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