John & Imelda Teffteller

   Give Hope International is a ministry dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the homeless, orphaned, and abandoned children of the Philippines. We will do this by providing food, shelter, clothes, a good education, and most importantly by teaching the love of Jesus.

   Currently my wife and I both work full time jobs here in the States. As of now we are only part-time missionaries. Our desire and goal is to be full-time missionaries to the Philippines. As of 7/2011 we continue to make annual trips as we are saving money and raising funds to get started. Once we can be more permanently in the Philippines we have plans to open a Children's home where we will have the ability to rescue abandoned children and give them a safe loving place to live and call home. We do currently Support an existing Children's home that was established over 40 years ago. We have a great relationship with this home and feel blessed to be able to be a part of the positive difference they are making in the children's lives.

   The children of the Philippines are our heart. We have a desire to see their lives changed for the better, for them to be able to live life in all its fullness.

   We realized several years ago that we could stay at our current jobs and save money and retire someday and just live life for ourselves. OR we could realize that God has a bigger plan for our lives to help the poor, and help those who have nothing. There are so many more important things in life than just living the so called "Good life". What about the kids who don’t have anything? What about those who will never have a chance if someone does not step in and help them to be all that they can truly be. What if we said no and just go on living for ourselves? How many lives would be lost and how many children would grow up with no hope and no future. I can’t stand the thought of just living life. I want to make a difference. I want to see lives changed and hearts mended. I want to see the joy in those kids' eyes when they realize that they are loved and that they do have a purpose in life. Living the good life, though it may not be easy, is fulfilling the purpose and will of God. I feel so blessed that God has called me and my wife into this ministry. With God we can make a difference.

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