by Dr. Chuck Frost (MTSU News)

   For more than 15 years Dr. Chuck Frost, MTSU professor of Social Work, has regularly visited the Philippines. Throughout that time he has painfully noticed street children who are in desperate need. As he delved into the problem he found out that millions of children are living on the streets throughout the world.

by Jeff Vergara

   "My mission of that day was to let the world see the life of the street children around manila. just to remind everyone, i didn't have the pleasure of taking these pics. These are an eye-opener for me and just want to share it with you to realize that life has its ups and downs. I was having mixed emotions thru this... happy to see some of them with genuine smiles. Sad when you can see through those eyes behind it..."

by Fernando Laggad Jr.

   "I cry each time i see this slideshow. Maybe someday or soon we will be able to do something about it. I browse images of street children once in a while. Also, we've been thinking of starting a foundation for them but we just don't know when or how to start. We think of going back home to the Philippines so that we could try to help the poor. We also have bills, mortgage to pay and daughters to feed, but at the same time, we really want to help those kids from the Philippines. Please, let us do something about it!"
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